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Polichnitos & Vatera - Argo Apartments for Rent at Vatera Lesvos Island Greece - ΑΡΓΩ Ενοικιαζόμενα διαμερίσματα και δωμάτια στα Βατερά Λέσβος (Μυτιλήνη)

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Polichnitos & Vatera

In the summer resort of Vatera the tourist has the possibility to enjoy every kind of holiday. Vatera because of its geographical position and the organisation in whatever concerns the tourism is the most appropriate place for sea sports, excursions with tourist boats, fishing during the day and the night, but also for hiking in the mountains that surround the summer resort of Vatera. 

    As we mentioned before, Vatera is a summer resort, which is in a continuous and spectacular development.


    In this area we will find many hotels (specially organised for families), rooms to be let and a well organised camping so as to serve the thousands of tourists, who visit the area every year.


  You will also find enough taverns, restaurants, cafes, discos and bars whose owners are more than willing to serve you and to take good care of you.

    You must visit the waterland at the area of Vatera.


    Near to Vatera there are the villages, Vrisa with the Collection of Paleontological FossilsVasilica, Lisvori, Polichnitos, Nifida and Stauros.